Pressure Vessel Heads In The Food Industry


How Pressure Vessel Heads Serve The Food Industry

Food Processing Tanks

When people first think of pressure vessel heads, their minds might go to more industrial applications first. However, the food and beverage industry is one of the leading users of pressure vessel heads. And today, they’re standard in all kinds of applications, including the storage, serving, and production of food and drink. Keen to learn how pressure vessel heads play a role in another vital industry? APV Heads looks at the many applications they have in the food and beverage industry, further highlighting how versatile they are.

The production of many foods we eat relies on pressure vessel heads. As components of food processing tanks, such as fermentation tanks, mixing vessels, and storage silos, the pressure vessel heads provide a secure and sealed environment. These tanks are employed in various stages of food processing, including fermentation, mixing, ageing, and storage, ensuring proper and safe preservation.

Food Storage Tanks

Pressure vessel heads are used in large-scale food storage tanks for storing perishable food items, such as dairy products, fruit juices, edible oils, and liquid ingredients. As the tanks are designed to maintain appropriate temperatures, prevent spoilage, and ensure the longevity of the stored food, pressure vessel heads guarantee pressure containment and help maintain hygienic conditions.

Bulk Food Transport Containers

The bulk food transport containers that carry our food and beverages nationwide rely on pressure vessel heads. The most common applications? Tank trucks and railcars that transport liquid and bulk food products like vegetable oils, syrups, and other liquid ingredients. The heads ensure pressure containment during transportation, preventing leaks or spills that could compromise the quality and safety of the food products.

Beverage Storage and Dispensing Systems

All your favourite drinks are stored and poured thanks to pressure vessel heads. These systems are commonly found in breweries, wineries, and beverage manufacturing facilities, with systems like beverage tanks and kegs utilising them. The heads maintain the integrity of the containers, facilitate controlled pressure release, and help preserve the taste and quality of beverages.

Pressure Cookers and Autoclaves

Commercial-grade pressure cookers and autoclaves used for canning and preserving food commonly rely on pressure vessel heads. As the vessels create a controlled high-pressure environment, which helps cook, sterilise, and extend the shelf life of canned or preserved food items, they need a reliable seal. The heads ensure proper pressure containment and safe operation of the vessels.

Commercial Food Sterilisers

Pressure vessel heads are employed in commercial food sterilisers used in food production facilities to keep food safe for consumption. These sterilisers use high-pressure steam to kill microorganisms and pathogens, ensuring food safety and preservation for diners. With benefits including structural strength, pressure containment, and maintaining sterilisation conditions, pressure vessel heads are crucial.

Endless Applications of Pressure Vessel Heads

Pressure vessel heads are a must-have in the food and beverage industry. As components that ensure safety, hygiene, and efficiency, they’re relied upon for all kinds of applications. Have a specific need for dished end manufacture in your industry? Contact APV Heads for a friendly, expert discussion.