Pressure Vessel Heads In Oil & Gas


The Role Of Pressure Vessel Heads In Oil & Gas

Pressure vessel heads are a versatile component used in all kinds of industries in Australia and across the globe. And as one of our most thriving industries, it’s no surprise to learn they’re heavily relied upon in the oil and gas industry, too.

But what kinds of applications are pressure vessel heads used for in this sector? And how could they be utilised in yours? Today, we’ll explore the various applications that APV Heads’ pressure vessel heads are used for in the oil and gas industry so you can see how genuinely adaptable they are.

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessel heads are an integral part of the pressure vessels used in oil and gas processing facilities — specifically, the vessels designed to contain and handle high-pressure gases, liquids, and hydrocarbons. The structural integrity of these heads ensures pressure containment and facilitates the safe operation of the vessels.

Storage Tanks

Various products in the oil and gas industry are stored in storage tanks, including crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas liquids (NGLs), and liquefied natural gas (LNG). The heads ensure the structural integrity of the tanks, prevent leakage, and maintain pressure stability.


Phase separation in oil and gas production requires pressure vessel heads at work in separators. These separators are critical for separating oil, gas, and water during production, so they’re a standard component. The heads help maintain the pressure differentials required for efficient separation and optimise the overall performance of the separators.

Heat Exchangers

Pressure vessel heads are utilised in heat exchangers commonly employed in oil and gas processing plants. The exchangers facilitate heat transfer between different process streams, such as heating or cooling of fluids. As the heads ensure pressure containment, efficient heat exchange is possible.

Distillation Columns

Pressure vessel heads are integral to distillation columns for refining crude oil into various fractions and petrochemicals. The heads provide structural support, maintain pressure differentials, and ensure the separation and fractionation processes occur efficiently.


The reactors that facilitate chemical reactions, like those used for hydrocarbon cracking or polymerisation, rely on pressure vessel heads to operate effectively. The heads help maintain the required pressure and contain the reaction environment, ensuring safe and controlled operation.

Fractionation Towers

During the distillation process of crude oil and natural gas liquids, pressure vessel heads work in the fractionation towers. These towers facilitate the separation of various components based on their boiling points, with the heads ensuring pressure integrity and assisting in efficient fractionation processes.

Flare Knockout Drums

Pressure vessel heads are used in flare knockout drums, which remove any liquid droplets from gases before they are safely released through a flare system. The heads assist in pressure containment and separation of liquids from gases, preventing the entry of fluids into the flare system.

APV Heads: Fit for Every Industry

As oil and gas operations rely heavily on pressure vessel heads for safety and efficiency, APV Heads ensure that everything we manufacture is made to the highest industry standards. Want to learn more about pressure vessel heads for your industry? Contact the experts at APV Heads today.