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Australian Pressure Vehicle Heads lead the way in the manufacture of dished ends for use in the construction of pressure vessels, storage tanks, and process vessels. Since our establishment in 1948, we have become the trusted dished end manufacturer for large and small companies across diverse industries, including petrochemical, chemical, power, water treatment, food, and offshore sectors.

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High Quality Australian Made Materials & Australian Steel

Standard products are produced from low-carbon steel boilerplate, being manufactured from AS1548-PT460NR grade material.

Carbon steel ends are also available in ASTM A516 GR 70, AS1548-PT490NR and AS1548-PT490NRL50 grade material.

All products are Australian made – guaranteed.


Clad steels


Stainless steel

Australian Made

High & low alloy steels

Expertise In Dished End Manufacture

With a legacy dating back to 1948, Australian Pressure Vehicle Heads have a wealth of experience and expertise in dished ends manufacturing.

Over the years, we have encountered a wide range of applications, making us well-equipped to offer advice on specific designs and applications that you may have in mind. Our dished ends are hot pressed and formed using advanced techniques, ensuring quality that exceeds industry standards.

Our Products
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Hot Pressing Dished Ends For Strength

Our manufacturing process involves hot pressing within the material's normalising temperature range. This method prevents materials from strain hardening at high temperatures, resulting in a combination of benefits.

The hot pressing approach ensures the highest quality yield strength and minimises the likelihood of stress on the product, guaranteeing a reliable and long-lasting solution.

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Wide Range Of Dished Ends

Our capabilities encompass the manufacturing of torispherical, semi-ellipsoidal, butt weld caps, hemispherical, and toriconical dished ends, all proudly using Australian steel. We understand the significance of Australian-made materials, reflecting our dedication to supporting local industries and maintaining superior quality in our products.

We have the capacity to manufacture dished ends up to 2.8 meters in diameter, with material thickness ranging from 5mm to 100mm.

Our Products
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Partnering With APV Heads

Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and unmatched experience sets us apart as your trusted partner in dished ends manufacturing. With APV Heads, you gain the assurance of top-quality solutions crafted from Australian materials, a wide range of applications expertise, and comprehensive manufacturing facilities.

We are the industry's preferred choice and our focus is on ensuring the successful completion of your projects.


High Quality Materials & Australian Steel

At APV Heads, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and the use of high quality Australian and international materials. Every product we deliver is proudly Australian made, ensuring both quality and reliability. 

Standard products are produced from low-carbon steel boiler plate, being manufactured from AS 1548-PT460 grade material. Carbon steel ends are also available in ASTM A516 GR 70, AS 1548-PT490 and AS 1548-PT490L50 grade material. 

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Pressure Head Specifications

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