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Pressure Vessel Head Products

Australian Pressure Vessel Heads is the leading Australian manufacturer of top-quality dished ends, pipe caps, and pressure vessel heads. Let’s take you on a journey through our world-class products and what sets us apart.

Hot Pressed Dished Ends

At APV Heads, we don’t just make dished ends; we craft them with precision and excellence. Our secret lies in our market-leading Hot Press approach, a technique that ensures that the steel we shape is of the highest quality.

The result? Dished ends that are strong, reliable, and built to last. Since our establishment in 1948, we’ve perfected our art and produced products that stand up to the toughest challenges.

Our Materials

Standard products are produced from low-carbon steel boiler plate, being manufactured from AS 1548-PT460 grade material. Carbon steel ends are also available in ASTM A516 GR 70, AS 1548-PT490 and AS 1548-PT490L50 grade material. Our materials include Monel, Clad steels, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, High & Low-alloy Steels

Your Trusted Partner In Quality & Innovation

APV Heads is truly unique in Australia as we are the only company hot pressing dished ends. Our innovative one-press operation minimises the number of times the plate is heated, making our process not only eco-friendly but also incredibly cost-effective. This translates to a higher quality outcome at a more competitive price for our customers. Plus, we proudly use Australian steel in the manufacturing of our products, supporting the local industry and ensuring superior quality. Our hot pressed pressure vessel heads adhere to ASME dished head dimensions, ensuring they meet the most rigorous industry standards.

Choose Australian Made APV Heads

Buying Australian steel is not just about supporting local businesses; it also guarantees our customers a quick turnaround and products that are fully certified, adhering to strict Australian standards. When you choose APV Heads, you’re choosing the peace of mind that comes with quality, durability, and responsible sourcing. Our products stand up to the most stringent industry standards and are compliant with the codes and regulations that matter to you.

Australian Pressure Vessel Heads is your trusted partner in pressure vessel head products. With our dedication to quality, innovative hot pressing technique, and the use of Australian steel, we’re committed to delivering the best in the industry. Whether you’re in the chemical, oil and gas or any other industry that requires pressure vessels or tanks, including stainless tank heads, we’ve got you covered.


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