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Dished Only Hot Pressed Code Dished Ends

Dished-only ends, sometimes called dish only heads or dished only tank heads, play a vital role in many industries. The unique component is used to complete products like pressure vessels, truck tanks, silos, and more, ensuring containment and integrity.

A dished only end is made through a hot-pressing process, similar to our other end types. However, the difference between a dished-only end and a flanged one, for example, is that the dished-only end is created by hot pressing if a standard size, or progressive cold pressing if a non-standard size.

These components can be manufactured to suit industry standards and client specifications, with the team at APV Heads on hand to fulfil all your project requirements.

How Are Dished-Only Ends Made?

A dished-only end or head is a piece of metal shaped like a contact lens, created to complete the main body of a storage tank and attach at the end. These specialised components can be manufactured to the client’s specifications but typically follow a similar process.

  1. Material selection: The ideal material is chosen for the intended application, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and other alloys.
  2. Cutting and sizing: Flat metal discs are cut from the larger sheets of material. Depending on the dished end's specifications, the disc's diameter can change.
  3. Pressing and shaping: The disc is shaped into a concave form, giving it the characteristic curvature of a dished-only end.
  4. Quality assurance: As an integral component in many industries, the quality of a dished-only end is paramount. Our dished ends undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure their integrity and adherence to industry standards.

APV Heads work closely with our clients to manufacture dished-only ends to suit their projects. We have the capacity to manufacture dished ends up to 2.8m in diameter, with material thickness ranging from 5mm to 100mm.

Dished Only Ends: Common Applications

Dished only ends are typically fitted to the end of a storage tank or internally to create multiple compartments and used whenever structural integrity and secure containment are crucial considerations. Although seemingly simple, this component plays a vital role in many industries especially for storage tanks, where dished heads for tanks containing liquids, like fuel tanks and chemical storage, can help to seal and reinforce them securely.

APV Heads manufactures dished-only ends and other components for small to large-scale companies. Working with industries including chemical, power, transportation, construction, food and beverage, and offshore industries, we understand the unique requirements for each.

The APV Heads Dished Only Ends Difference


Industry Versatility

Our dished only ends can be made to match any requirements or industry demands you have. We commit to manufacturing dished only ends that are unequalled in strength and reliability. Working with clients in all industries, including petrochemical, chemical, power, water treatment, and more, our dished-only ends are outstanding performers.


Precision Engineering

Using the most advanced craftsmanship, our dished only ends are among the best. We ensure our products are engineered to meet the strict demands of the industries they’re used in, providing structural integrity, containment, and optimal stress distribution. Our expert team works closely with our clients to ensure their dished only ends are manufactured to suit their needs.


Exceeding Standards

Our dished only ends conform to industry-specific standards, ensuring compliance with codes such as ASME and other regulations. We meet — and exceed — standards to assure our customers of their superiority. We guarantee that each dished end will perform reliably with the precision engineering and quality materials that APV Heads is known for.

APV Heads: When Integrity Counts

At APV Heads, we specialise in manufacturing dished-only ends and an extensive range of pressure vessel heads, pipe caps, and more. Our experts can work with you to find a dished end solution that matches your project and industry demands. Most importantly, our commitment to quality and reliability is evident in everything we manufacture.

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