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Flat Flanged Hot Pressed Code Ends

Flat flanged ends, sometimes called flat heads with flange or flat flange heads, are commonly used to fabricate pressure vessels, process vessels, and storage tanks. They feature a flat or almost flat central portion and an outward-extending flange around the perimeter, which is used to attach the end to the vessel's body.

APV Heads Flat flanged ends are manufactured for use in Australia and around the world, with industries including chemical, water treatment, and road transport depending on their quality and reliability.

How Are Flat Flanged Ends Made?

Our flat flanged ends are made using the hot-pressing method and can be customised to suit industry and customer requirements. Typically, the process involves cutting a flat disc from a larger metal sheet. APV Heads uses Australian steel for its strength and quality.

From there, a flange is formed around the perimeter of the disc. Any other requirements, like dimensions, angles, and overall size, can be accommodated during the hot-pressing process when the steel is flexible.

Flat flanged ends may be better suited to applications needing to fit specific equipment or a flat surface. They're not generally used for extremely high-pressure containment vessels, as dished ends with curvature are considered more optimal.

Industries And Applications For Flat Flanged Ends

APV Heads manufactures and supplies dished ends globally, and they’re utilised in all kinds of applications. These are some of the most common industries that use flat flanged ends.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Road transport
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Oil and gas
  • Water treatment
  • Mining
  • Boilers

Each industry and application will require something unique from an end, and if you need help assessing whether flat flanged ends are suitable for your next project, the team at APV Heads can help.

APV Heads Flat Flanged Ends

As manufacturers and suppliers of dished ends, pipe caps, and pressure vessel heads since 1948, APV Heads understands the importance of these components. Here are a few reasons to trust us with your flat flanged ends.


Partnering With You For Excellence


Application Versatility

APV Heads works with industries around the world, and we’re proud to partner with a diverse range of customers who rely on us for dependable dished ends. Regardless of the industry or application, we ensure our flat flanged ends are efficient and reliable.


Precision Engineering

Flat flanged ends can be manufactured to the exact needs of our clients, including dimensions and application. We achieve with precision engineering, Australian steel, and a hot pressing process, ensuring minimal stress and maximum strength ends.


Exceeding Standards

Our customers have the highest standards for dished ends and other products they use in their pressure vessels, and we deliver. We produce flat flanged ends to ASME specifications and regulatory requirements and ensure they meet, and exceed, all criteria.

APV Heads for Quality and Reliability

APV Heads understands the importance of reliable, quality flat flanged dished ends. Since 1948, we’ve been designing and manufacturing pressure vessel heads and dished ends to suit all applications and industries, with dependability and safety at the forefront.

At APV Heads, our dished ends products suit our customers' needs regardless of the application or industry.

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