Semi Ellipsoidal & Torispherical 
Hot Pressed Code Dished Ends

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Semi Ellipsoidal & Torispherical Dished Ends

As specialised components used in the manufacture of pressure vessels, storage tanks, and process vessels, semi-ellipsoidal and torispherical hot-pressed code dished ends are integral in many industries.

The distinct hot-pressing process used to create their specific curvature allows them to develop a semi-ellipsoidal or torispherical shape, each with unique benefits. Although the result may differ, the technique involved is the same. The steel is shaped within the materials normalising temperature range, ensuring strength and structural integrity.

Comparing Dished Ends

Semi-ellipsoidal and torispherical hot-pressed code dished ends have distinct differences in shape, curvature, and stress distribution characteristics. 

Semi-Ellipsoidal Dished Ends

The semi-elliptical dished and flanged ends feature a shape similar to a section of an ellipsoid. However, the more pronounced profile makes them unique from their torispherical counterparts. The curvature means they’re suitable for applications that require this shape, and higher working pressure due to their deeper head depth.

Torispherical Dished Ends

A torispherical dished and flanged end has a shallower profile than a semi-ellipsoidal end. Characterised by a smoother and less pronounced curvature, they’re ideal for applications where limited space is a factor. They’re also more affordable to produce, adding economical benefits.

Common Applications for Dished Ends

Semi-ellipsoidal and torispherical hot-pressed code dished ends are used in numerous industries and applications, particularly in the manufacture of pressure vessels, storage tanks, and process vessels. Likewise, torispherical and semi-elliptical ends are too.

Their ability to strengthen the structural integrity and guarantee the safe containment of pressurised materials makes them a vital element in many industries. And some of the most common sectors that use them are:

  • Petrochemical and chemical
  • Power generation
  • Water treatment
  • Offshore operations

APV Dished Ends: Quality & Reliability

At APV Heads, our semi ellipsoidal and torispherical hot-pressed code dished ends are designed to cater to various industry requirements. As trusted dished ends and elliptical heads manufacturers, we offer our customers the following guarantees.

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Partnering With You For Excellence


Industry Versatility

Our focus is manufacturing dished ends and ellipsoidal heads that are unparalleled in strength and reliability, captured within a carefully designed package. Whether for use in chemical,  petrochemical, power, water treatment, or various other industry sectors, we ensure our dished ends deliver optimal performance and endurance time and time again.


Design & Engineering

Our dished ends represent the most advanced design principles and craftsmanship. Engineered to meet the stringent demands of various industry applications, our dished ends ensure durability, structural integrity, and optimal stress distribution. Most importantly, we can help you find the torispherical and semi-ellipsoidal dished end dimensions that best suit your project.


Exceeding Standards

Our semi-ellipsoidal and torispherical dished ends conform to industry-specific standards, ensuring compliance with codes such as ASME and other regulations. We meet — and exceed — standards to assure our customers of their superiority. We guarantee that each dished end will perform reliably with the precision engineering and quality materials that APV Heads is known for.

The Perfect Solution For Your Industry

At APV Heads, we go beyond manufacturing dished ends, and our high-performing range includes pressure vessel heads, pipe caps, and more.

Our expert team can assist you in finding the perfect solution to match your industry demands, with superior performance and reliability at the forefront of everything we do. We can help with all queries ranging from ASME elliptical head dimensions to torispherical dished ends and everything in between

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